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QC Software Framework

KLIPPEL QC – Quality Control of Transducers, Parts and Audio Systems

Key Features

  • Ultra-fast testing at physical limit
  • Highly sensitive rub & buzz testing
  • Ambient noise detection – no false rejects
  • IEC 60268-21/22 compliant
  • Easy limit calculation, grading, limit import
  • Customizable test sequences, powerful add-ons
  • Dedicated operator and engineer access levels
  • Easy test management and synchronization of multiple production lines
  • Simple, flexible integration into assembling line
  • Works with KLIPPEL Analyzer, WDM/ASIO devices or audio files (open loop testing)

What's New in dB-Lab 212 - QC 7

The KLIPPEL QC solution is a powerful part of the KLIPPEL Analyzer System dedicated to the fast and efficient quality control at the end of the production line, for incoming goods inspection, quality assurance at service stations and other repetitive testing applications. It is a modular system that provides cost-efficient testing solutions for all kinds of audio devices such as speaker parts, transducers (micro-speaker, woofer, tweeter, microphone), passive systems (HiFi speaker, headphones, PA) as well as powered, digital and wireless audio systems (smart speaker, tablet, Bluetooth® enabled headset, automotive audio, amplifier). Find out more about the QC Standard package or refer to the Features and Modules on the right. 


Your Benefits with KLIPPEL QC

  • Ensure consistency of production
  • Best performance-cost ratio
  • Process control for maximum yield rate and lean manufacturing
  • More reliable than human ear testing
  • Comprehensive defect detection
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Flexible, modular solution to match your company needs

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