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Face-to-Face Training

We offer seminars, lectures, and training for engineers in the field of loudspeaker design, manufacturing, quality control, components selection/specification, and system design. Depending on your needs, the seminars, training, and lectures can also take place online.

Highly recommended for

  • New users of the Klippel Analyzer System or new modules
  • Experienced users looking for new features, tips & tricks
  • Engineers of the Audio Industry active in research & development, manufacturing, quality control, end-of-line testing
  • Students of electro-acoustic

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KLIPPEL User Training

We offer intensive KLIPPEL User Training and short introductions to enable you to use the Klippel Analyzer System efficiently in your daily work. It is divided into two parts, training part 1 for R&D specific solutions and part 2 for manufacturing / QC specific solutions. Our team of experienced Klippel support and development engineers will provide an overview of the Klippel product landscape as well as profound background information.

Key Topics

  • Electro-mechano-acoustic measurements
  • Validation of test results
  • Bridging measurement and simulation
  • Defect analysis of transducers and audio systems
  • Standard conform testing (IEC 60286 and others)
  • Development – production – loop (Life cycle)
  • Exploit electrical and mechanical properties
  • Discuss your challenges and questions with experts

The training is highly recommended for new users or experienced users and will be held for participants from various companies. A small group allows interactive training dedicated to particular challenges and questions of the participants. The level of this workshop is tuned to the participants and can be presented either in English or German.


During both parts of the training, an overview will be given on the most relevant aspects of the Klippel Analyzer System. The following points are to be discussed but we are not limited to those:

Training Topics for the KLIPPEL R&D System

  • Hardware setup, and sensor calibration - ensuring accuracy
  • Using dB-Lab effectively - tips & tricks
  • Klippel templates, customization, user templates
  • Small signal parameters - how to measure them precisely?
  • Large signal measurement - how to set it up correctly?
  • Large signal identification - how to interpret it?
  • Stimulus - using different stimuli for different purposes
  • Analysis - mechanical, compression, and distortion analysis
  • Interpretation - measured symptoms and physical causes
  • Simulation - comparing measurements with simulations, virtual prototyping
  • All modules can be discussed, the minimum is: LPM, LSI, TRF, DIS, SIM, LAA, MTON

Training Topics for the KLIPPEL QC System

  • Getting started – project and data management
  • Defect analysis – from frequency response to rub&buzz
  • Measurement time – ultra-fast testing, time is money
  • Robustness – cope with production floor disturbances
  • References – how to find Golden Units and what are Golden Defects?
  • Tolerances – how to define useful limits and avoid common pitfalls
  • Reproducibility – ensure your coil is well-centered in the magnetic gap
  • Statistics – yield statistics, online/off-line, cpk, ppk, Nelson/Weco-Rules, curve statistics
  • Documentation – making reports, traceability, settings history
  • All Modules can be discussed, the minimum is: SPL, IMP, MSC, PNI, ALD, 3DL

Next KLIPPEL User Training for R&D and QC System

When: October 21-22, 2024 (9 am - 5 pm)
Where: Business Park Dresden

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Individual Training

You could also schedule an individual training or seminar with a KLIPPEL engineer. These events include a mix of theory, practical measurements, result discussion, and suggestions for improving the performance of your special speaker design.

The topics of the seminar or training are based on themes you are interested in. Details will be handled confidentially.

  • Answer questions on a concrete project
  • Individual needs and solutions are in the program
  • Adaptions to the level of knowledge of participants

Local Training from our Distributors

You could also schedule individual training with our local distributors in your language. Contact information about KLIPPEL distributors are available on the site KLIPPEL worldwide