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Klippel E-Learning - free of charge!

We offer hands-on training courses with an introduction to the fundamentals of loudspeaker measurements, practical exercises, movies, examples and multiple-choice test. These online courses provide great learning material for students of the Electro-Acoustics as well as for KLIPPEL R&D SYSTEM users.

Klippel Training in English
Klippel Training in Simplified Chinese
Klippel Training in Traditional Chinese

The following training sessions will be released step by step during the next months:
#1 Linear Lumped Parameter Measurement
#2 Vibration and Radiation Behavior of Loudspeakers Membrane
#3 Loudspeaker Nonlinearities
#4 Loudspeaker Distortion Measurements
#5 Predicting the Nonlinear Loudspeaker Behavior
#6 Auralization
#7 Micro-speaker
#8 Measurement of Loudspeaker Directivity

Open Events

We offer public seminars, lectures and trainings for engineers in the field of loudspeaker design,  manufacturing, quality control, components selection / specification and system design.
Please check the Upcoming Events here.

Company Workshops

You could also schedule a seminar with a KLIPPEL engineer in your company. These workshops include a mix of theory, practical measurements, result discussion and suggestions for improving the performance of your special speaker design. The topics of the workshop are based upon themes you are interested in. Details will be handled confidentially.
Please contact our sales to for an offical quotation: sales(at)klippel(dot)de


Title: “Big Sound from Small Speakers”
Presented by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klippel

The workshop focuses on modern methods for designing and manufacturing micro-speakers and other small, light and cost-effective loudspeakers reproducing the sound at high efficiency and sufficient sound quality as required in telecommunication, automotive, multi-media and other professional applications. The seminar gives an overview on physical modeling of loudspeakers in the large signal domain which is necessary to explain the relation between geometry and the properties of the materials on the one hand and the transfer behavior and performance on the other hand. Meaningful loudspeaker parameters (T/S, nonlinear and thermal) and other specifications (amplitude response, directivity, power) are discussed which allows a comprehensive description of the transducer. Prof. Klippel addresses the fundamentals of loudspeaker diagnostics which is important to interpret the measurement results and to localize the causes of the defects and to develop alternative design choices. 

Title: “Sound Quality of Audio Systems”
Presented by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klippel

The Seminar will give a deep understanding on the latest measurement and diagnostic techniques used in telecommunication, automotive, multi-media and professional applications to design small, light and cost-effective loudspeakers. Practical sections and discussions about your specific application and questions will be included, if required. The transducer and audio system development engineers in your company will benefit a lot for their daily work.