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Safety Instructions for working with KLIPPEL Systems

This is the Safety Alert Symbol. The symbol alerts you to potential hazards that can kill or injure you and / or others. All safety messages will follow the Safety Alert Symbol and either the words DANGER, WARNING or CAUTION
DANGER means that failure to follow this safety statement will result in serious injury or death.
WARNING means that failure to follow this safety statement could result in serious injury or death.
CAUTION means that failure to follow this safety statement may result in minor or moderate injury.

General Instructions

The safety messages in the User Manuals and on the appliances will alert you about the potential hazard, tell you how to reduce the chance of injury and let you know what can happen if the instructions are not followed.
All KLIPPEL Systems must be operated by skilled personnel only. The operator must read and understand the User Manuals. If you have any questions, please contact info(at)klippel(dot)de. 

Testing and Controlling Loudspeakers

Testing and controlling loudspeakers can be dangerous when reaching the physical limits or through operating errors. 

Electrical Devices

Only use intact grounding type plugs for the power supply of all KLIPPEL electrical devices and connected 3rd party equipment!

High Voltage

Do not touch metal parts of speaker or cable clamps! Power amplifiers may generate high voltages at the loudspeaker terminals. Hazard of electrical shock!

Fire proof environment

During measurements loudspeakers heat up and can become very hot depending on the size of the loudspeaker and the measurement time. Allow some time after the measurement for the loudspeaker to cool down to prevent fingers, arms and other body parts from getting burned. Only test loudspeakers in a fire proof environment and use clamping!

Working with Laser

The laser beam can cause damage to your eye (retina). Possible subsequent damages are keratitis, pink eye and cataract up to corneal burns.

  • Avoid direct or indirect (reflection) exposure of human eyes to the laser beam!
  • Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from laser beam
  • Do not enter the laser beam with reflective surfaces such as mirrors or jewelry
  • Warn everyone in the room before activating the laser (either acoustical or optical warning signal)
  • Do not leave active lasers unattended

Near Field Scanner

The operator must read the User Manual carefully and must strictly follow all safety instructions.

  • The area of movement must be clearly marked and is restricted to authorized personnel.
  • No personnel is allowed within the restricted area while the machine is moving.
  • Make sure the Emergency Stop button is within reach of the operator during operation.
  • Regular safety checks must be carried out every 100 hours of operation.
  • Position (heavy) DUTs in the center of the platform! If not positioned correctly the DUT might fall off the platform and cause injury or material damage.
  • Download complete Safety Instructions for NFS here.

Modification prohibited!

Do not modify or repair KLIPPEL hardware or accessories without authorization from KLIPPEL! KLIPPEL is not responsible for any malfunction of unauthorized modified hardware/accessories.

Use original cables, power supply and spare parts only! If you do not use original parts then you risk damaging the unit even more as well as getting an electric shock.

Check Test Set-up

Check any measurement set-ups before executing the test. The user must assure a safe sound pressure level.

Use ear protection

Protect your ears (i.e. wear hearing protection) when testing at high sound pressure level! Faulty usage of the measurement device can also cause sudden high notes which can damage your hearing ability.

Gas and Smoke

Gas and smoke can be generated by the loudspeaker at high voice coil temperature. Do not breathe in gas and/or smoke to protect your respiratory tracts.

Heavy Loudspeakers

Make sure you have a steady position as well as a straight back when putting the loudspeaker into its position/removing it after measurement /testing. An unstable position/bent back might result in you dropping the loudspeaker which can cause bruises, back pain, etc.


To avoid the danger of stumbling or falling we advise you to fix cables along skirting boards or to use cable bridges.

Scanning Vibrometer System

SCN hardware moves the sensors and other mechanical parts automatically. Keep fingers or other body parts away from moving parts to avoid bruises. Make sure the Emergency Stop button is within reach of the operator during operation.

Driver Stand

Use one-hand operation carefully!

Do not bruise fingers or other body parts.

Working with Vacuum

Wear safety goggles and gloves when working with vacuum! Make sure nothing can hit the acrylic glass plate when vacuum is applied! Do not work with vacuum chamber when the acrylic glass is damaged! The glass could break and cause injuries such as deep cuts and bruises. When releasing the vacuum keep all objects and body parts in a safe distance from the air intake. Open the valve slowly, when releasing the vacuum! If the vacuum is released too fast, it can damage small loudspeakers.

Suspension Part Testing

Put the fastening tool on the guiding rod when running SPM tests to avoid expelling clamping parts! Expelling clamp parts can cause injury or material damage.


Interfacing Software to 3rd party products (IO-Monitor -QC software, Automation software)

Apply protection algorithms to avoid any malfunction of 3rd party software due to

  • Malfunction in interfaces
  • Unexpected freeze of Klippel software
  • Unknown state during initialization and exit of Klippel software interfaces.

Interfacing hardware to 3rd party products (GPIO Connector at PA and KA3 hardware)

Apply protection algorithms / circuits to avoid any malfunction of peripheral equipment due to

  • Malfunction of interfaces
  • Unknown behavior in inactive state (device switched off and during switching process)
  • Impact of electro-magnetic interference
  • Instable power supply.