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New Opportunities for Speaker Design

Green Speaker Design

  • Increased efficiency and voltage sensitivity
  • More bass from smaller speakers
  • More SPL output with less heat
  • Longer battery life

The unique features provided by KCS allow a change of paradigm in passive transducer and system design. Increasing efficiency and voltage sensitivity of the transducer has the highest priority for using available resources such as energy, size, weight, material, manufacturing effort and cost. This leads to Green Speaker Design aiming at more output while needing less energy. 

Many design choices dedicated to improving efficiency, such as using very soft suspensions or very nonlinear motors, were not applicable in the past due to the high risk of destruction and increased distortion.
These issues can be solved with adaptive nonlinear control as the increased signal distortion is compensated and the protection system prevents any overload. 
For instance, the voice coil height can be significantly reduced without changing the pole plate, magnet and other transducer parts. This significantly increases the efficiency and voltage sensitivity because the resistance Re and the moving mass Mms are reduced.


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