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Demo Videos of the KLIPPEL QC System

QC System - Demo Tour

This demo tour gives an overview on the basic functionality of the KLIPPEL QC System. The Introduction Video shows the typical setup for transducers and passive speaker. Afterwards the Operator Testing Video demonstrates the intuitive user interface of the QC Operator mode. Furthermore, the Test Setup Video shows how to easily set up comprehensive tests in the QC Engineer mode. Finally, the Limit Setup Video demonstrates a selection of setup parameters is examined.

Micro Speaker Testing

This video demonstrates an approach for comprehensive testing of micro speakers in production using the Klippel QC System. ⮩Download this video

The test provides the following key features:

  • Minimal time, less than 2s
  • High sensitivity for Rub&Buzz and loose particles
  • Check voice coil rest position and ensure consistent suspension properties
  • Optional check of dynamic DC displacement using laser sensor
  • Provides statistical data for consistency check and micro speaker control
  • Full production noise immunity

Active System Testing

In this demo tour a comprehensive approach on testing active full range audio systems with the KLIPPEL QC System is presented. The measurement setups in include multiple microphones for near field (Rub&Buzz, air leakage) and far field (windowed frequency response) measurements with full ambient noise immunity. 
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2.1 System Testing

This demo tour focuses on testing active 2.1 multimedia sytems with the KLIPPEL QC System. Two simple measurement setups are introduced and practical measurements are demonstrated. ⮩Download this video

Suspension Part Testing (LST Lite)

This video introduces the possibilities of testing speaker suspension parts with the QC Linear Suspension Test (LST Lite) set. The principle and handling of this soft- and hardware add-on for the QC System is demonstrated using a set of standard spiders.
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EOL Test of Mobile Phones

This demo video focuses on end-of-line testing of built-in speakers of mobile devices such as smartphones. The test signal generated by the KLIPPEL QC system is exported to a WAVE file and copied to the device under test for stand-alone playback. Using the External Synchronization feature, the analysis is triggered as soon as the unique synchronization signal is detected.  ⮩ Download this video

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Bluetooth Speaker Testing

This demo video focusses on high-speed testing of loudspeaker systems with integrated audio interface. Using 3rd party audio devices in Klippel QC reveals the delay due to driver, signal processing etc. The unknown and varying delay of those devices may be detected and compensated using the SYN (External Synchronization) feature. 
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Air Leak Detection

In this demo video the Air Leak Detection module is applied for transducer leakage testing. Both the stand-alone measurement task as well as the Sound Pressure task integration is demonstrated.
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Car Testing

This video demonstrates an approach for in-situ testing of a car audio system in order to detect mounting defects causing parasitic vibration.  ⮩ Download this video

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Headphone Testing

This demo video focuses on testing headphones with the Klippel QC System enhanced by G.R.A.S. test equipment for circum-aural and intra-aural headphones. The fast measurement sequence includes stereo frequency response, distortion and Rub&Buzz measurement. Additionally the deviation between left and right channel is tested.  ⮩ Download this video

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Microphone Testing

This video illustrates the capabilities of the QC System for testing microphones. The approach introduced in this application example employs an equalized sound source and a reference microphone the microphone under test is compared to. In order to achieve a defined sound pressure at the microphone position, the Equalization + Alignment add-on module is applied within the test sequence.  ⮩ Download this video

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Balanced Armature Check

The  Balanced  Armature  Check  is  a  unique  measurement  tool dedicated to testing electro-magnetic transducers on the production  line.  The  armature  offset  in μm  and  effective  linear parameters are determined from a purely electrical high-speed measurement.  This  gives  valuable  diagnostics  information  to minimize rejection rate.  ⮩ Download this video

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