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Prices and Terms

License Policy

KLIPPEL allows their customers to install the KLIPPEL software dB-Lab at any computer within the customer's company for data viewing. For measurements or for using KLIPPEL post-processing and simulation software a KLIPPEL hardware and valid license keys are required. With the delivery of a measurement system, the customer receives license keys valid for 3 months. After receipt of full payment, KLIPPEL provides permanent license keys available from the customer's User Site for download, except for modules in Pre-release stage. Long-term temporary licenses will be provided for Pre-release modules. The update to a new software release version is free of charge within 3 months from purchase of a measurement system. Additional modules for measurements/post-processing/data analyzing/simulations are not included in free software updates.

Please download the License Agreement here.

Licenses for Klippel modules, tools and add-ons are bound to one specific Klippel measurement device (serial number of DA2, KA3, PM8) and/or one specific dongle (serial number hardware protection device). Your license to use the module, tool or add-on will fully expire if you lose the dongle. We basically do not replace lost dongles. If the dongle is damaged, we will replace this at your expense, provided you return the dongle to Klippel GmbH, Germany.


KLIPPEL products are patent protected, see the details at sites of products and at dB-Lab site.

Support contract

Ensure to get prompt help for potential problems and questions, and get the latest software updates by signing an annual support contract for your R&D and QC System. KLIPPEL reserves the right to decline support requests without a valid support contract.
Contract terms: R&D System | QC System

Product Price Lists

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