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Accessories of KLIPPEL Endurance Test

KLIPPEL provides numerous accessories to complement the measurement equipment for the Klippel Endurance Test solution.

Temperature & Humidity Sensor (dB-Lab or QC6 required)

• Robust for use at the assembly line
• USB interface (USB powered)
• No separate driver installation (incl. in QC installation)
• Temperature and humidity data are recorded automatically with each measurement
• Logged data can be analyzed regarding the impact on driver behavior

QR/Barcode Scanner

• Fast serial number entry of device under test by reading barcode/QR code
• Comfortable and quick test selection using QC-Start
• Ergonomic handling
• No driver installation is required

For further information about all hardware components which are mandatory or optional, and how they can be combined into a Klippel Endurance Test (KET) system, please check the page KLIPPEL Endurance Test Hardware Setup.

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