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  • More sound pressure output
  • Active protection against overload
  • Cancellation of nonlinear distortion
  • Desired linear target performance
  • Copes with aging, climate, production variance
  • Lowers cost, weight and size

Loudspeakers are highly nonlinear and time-variant systems. Signal distortion, heating, aging, climate and other external influences limit the maximum level and the quality of the reproduced sound. The adaptive nonlinear control system KCS can cope with these undesired effects and generate the desired linear behavior over the entire working range.
The adaptive control structure is based on electro-acoustical modeling and combines real-time monitoring of the transducer parameters with active protection against thermal and mechanical overload, nonlinear distortion cancellation, system alignment and stabilization of the voice coil position. 
These features lead to an extension of the usable working range to increase bass and sound pressure level or allow transducers to be made smaller, lighter and more cost effective. Additionally, transducer design can focus on increased efficiency by reducing parameter linearity to create a new generation of Green Speakers producing more acoustical output and less heat by requiring less energy.

Demo Video

Automotive Audio Enhancement with KLIPPEL Controlled Sound (KCS)

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KCS Evaluation


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