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Automatic equalization of frequency response

  • Extended bass response
  • Optimal transducer-enclosure alignment
  • Decoupled enclosure and transducer design


KCS ensures a constant linear transfer behavior between audio input and sound pressure output. By exploiting the information about the transducer and the coupled mechanical and acoustical system (box, vent, passive radiator), the KCS automatically equalizes the overall transfer function to a desired alignment (e.g. Butterworth) by applying a pre-filter to the input signal.
Matching the transducer to a given enclosure is no longer required as cut-off frequency, Q-factors and other alignment parameters can be adjusted in the software.

Demo Video

Video: System Alignment

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The video shows how the KCS adapts the system response to a desired linear transfer behavior. The desired overall transfer function is defined by a customizable cutoff frequency and a selectable filter of certain order. In the first part of the demonstration a stimulus (music) is applied to the transducer without KCS. Without alignment the bass response and the voice coil displacement are low. The second part displays the bass response and voice coil displacement with the desired alignment automatically applied by KCS.