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KLIPPEL LIVE - Free of charge web-seminars


KLIPPEL LIVE is an informative and digital webinar format as we continue to educate and support loudspeaker designers and manufacturers around the globe. The first KLIPPEL LIVE series comprised 15 web seminars focussing on acoustical measurement of sound system equipment according to IEC Standard 60268-21. On this oversite, you will find all further information about the previous and next series of KLIPPEL LIVE web seminars.




Acoustical Measurement of Sound System Equipment according to IEC 60268-21

The first KLIPPEL LIVE series have started with a 15 part web-seminar about using the IEC 60268-21 acoustical measurement standard, perfect for anyone working with speakers, headphone and other audio devices.

This includes practical information regarding:

  • Quickly and accurately measuring in normal, non-anechoic rooms
  • Comprehensive distortion testing
  • Linking physical and perceptual evaluation


Full Content Access

New KLIPPEL Poster

A compact overview of the measurement applications of the IEC 60268-21. Download the two poster parts here:

Acoustical Measurement     声学测量   

    Distortion at Maximum Output    最大输出时的失真


Upcoming Series

Electrical and Mechanical Measurement of Transducers and Systems according IEC 60268-22

The second KLIPPEL LIVE series will address the following points:

  • Considering fundamental physical relationships
  • Exploiting the power of loudspeaker modelling (lumped, modal, finite element, system oriented…)
  • Identification of free model parameters
  • Optimal design and product development
  • Consequences for DSP development
  • and much more 

More information will follow soon.