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Product support

Support contract

Ensure to get prompt help for potential problems and questions, and get the latest software updates by signing an annual support contract for your R&D and QC System. KLIPPEL reserves the right to decline support requests without a valid support contract.
Contract terms: R&D System | QC System

Problem report

Please note KLIPPEL can only support equipment and software that was delivered by KLIPPEL GmbH.
If distributors add local equipment, please contact your distributor for support.
Should you come across a problem please send an email to:

Please indicate your hardware serial number and add "support information" and "log files" from the dB-Lab yellow mailer icon. 
Find more information on how to send measurement results for support here


If you own a KLIPPEL SYSTEM, you have always access to your software for a new installation, via the KLIPPEL USER SITE.
The main technical contact person will receive the login for the company USER SITE, where you find the list of your hardware units, the link to your allowed software (latest version) and the license keys to your measurement modules.
The main contact person can create more logins for other users in your company.
If you lose your password, you can send a request here (your email is needed):
If you need a new login, please contact: sales(at)klippel(dot)de 

Computer specification

What kind of computer is required to run KLIPPEL Systems?
See the details for R&D System and QC System here

Power amplifier specification

A power amplifier is required for running KLIPPEL Systems.
Find technical details here: R&D and QC System  

Hardware return shipment

Please contact sales(at)klippel(dot)de before returning a Klippel measurement hardware unit (DA2, KA3, PA2, PM8) to Klippel in Germany for manufacturer calibration or for repair. Klippel provides you with shipping instructions for a smooth import to Germany.

Please note, calibration service for Klippel measurement hardware units can be performed also by some of our distribution partners.