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Measurement Service

We offer measurement services for your loudspeaker drivers, systems and parts with KLIPPEL R&D SYSTEM (for a limited quantity of DUTs and only after consultation with the technical support team). Please contact our support team via e-mail:

Upon completion of the measurement service, you will receive a report, the measurement data and the software to view the measurement data. Please note, KLIPPEL is not liable for any damage or destruction of loudspeaker samples during measurement or transportation. The following services are available:



Article #

 1. T/S Parameter 

Thiele & Small Parameter


2a. Nonlinear Parameter

Bl(x), Kmx(x), L(x), L(i), Rms(v)


 3. Displacement vs. voltage + frequency

X(U,f), Xpeak, XDC, Compression


 4. Distortion 

Total Harm. Dist. THD + Harmonics, Intermodulation Dist. IMD, Multitone Dist. MTND, Equivalent Input Distortion EID


 5. Rub & Buzz Analysis

Rub & Buzz Analysis vs. voltage and frequency


 6. SCN: Measurement of Cone Vibration + Geometry

Data from cone scanning + analysis software


 7. SIM: Prediction of System Behavior

Simulation of driver behavior in enclosure


 9. SPM: Suspension Part MeasurementNonlinear stiffness (max. diameter <222 mm)3000-007
10. MPM: Material Parameter MeasurementE-Modulus, loss factor3000-008
11. NFS: Near Field MeasurementDirectivity of Sound Radiation in near field and far field (test object: max. 40 cm, 25 kg)3000-090
12. BFS: B-Field ScanningMeasurement of B-Field distribution over height (z) and angle (phi), simulation of Bl distribution (for limitation see A11)3000-009

Find details of measurements and procedure here: 

M1_Measurement (Currently under revision. Please contact our support team.)


See a sample report here:

PDF Download link