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Wolfgang Klippel

Dresden University of Technology Dresden - Germany

Prof. Dr. Ing. habil. Wolfgang Klippel is Honorary Professor for Electro-Acoustics at the Institute of Acoustics and Speech Communication giving lectures in “Active Control of Sound and Vibration” and “Sound Quality of Audio Systems”.

"Sound Quality of Audio Systems" is held as a block seminar (3 day lecture) in English and is open for students from other universities and participants from the audio industry.


KLIPPEL Online Training

Prof. Klippel offers training courses with an introduction to the fundamentals of loudspeaker meaurements, practical exercises, movies, examples and multiple-choice tests. These online courses provide great learning material for students of the electro-acoustics.

Click here for all further information about the KLIPPEL Online Training


KLIPPEL LIVE - A Web-Seminar Series

Prof. Klippel offers an informative new webinar series as we continue to educate and support loudspeaker designers and manufacturers as well students  around the globe. KLIPPEL LIVE series have startet with a 15 part web-seminar about using the IEC 60268-21 acoustical measurement standard.

➥  Click here for all further information about the web-seminar "Acoustical Measurement of Sound System Equipment according to IEC 60268-21". 

Feng Chia University, Taichung - Taiwan

Wolfgang Klippel is a Visiting Professor at the Feng Chia University in Taichung giving lectures in Electro-Acoustics regularly.

Université du Maine, Le Mans - France

Wolfgang Klippel regularly gives lectures in the Master Course Electro-Acoustics at the Université du Maine in Le Mans. 

Biography – Curriculum Vitae

1977 - 1982Studium Informationstechnik (Dipl. Ing.) an der TU DresdenInformation technology (Dipl. Ing.) at the Technical University Dresden 
1982-1990Grundlagenforschung „Lautsprecher“ an der TU Dresden als Industriemitarbeiter des VEB RFT Nachrichtenelektronik LeipzigBasic research in the field of „loudspeakers“ at the  Technical University Dresden as an industry employee of the VEB RFT Nachrichtenelektronik Leipzig
1987Dissertation an der TU Dresden über „Zusammenhang zwischen objektiven Lautsprecherparametern und subjektiver Qualitätsbeurteilung“Dissertation at the Technical University Dresden about “Multidimensional Relationship between Subjective Listening Impression and Objective Loudspeaker Parameters”
1992-1993Forschungsarbeiten zum Thema  „Nichtlinearen Schallausbreitung in Hornlautsprechern“ am  Department of Physics, University of Waterloo (Canada)Research projects on  „Nonlinear  Schallausbreitung in Hornlautsprechern“ am  Department of Physics, University of Waterloo (Canada)
1993Publikationspreis des Journal Audio Eng. Society für die beste Publikation in den Jahren 1991/92AES Publication award for the paper "The Mirror Filter - A new Basis for Reducing Nonlinear Distortion and Equalizing Response in Woofer Systems"
1993-1995Senior R&D engineer bei Harman International, Inc., Northridge, CA, USA, verantwortlich für das Projekt “Nonlinear Control of Loudspeaker Systems“Senior R&D engineer at Harman International, Inc., Northridge, CA, USA; responsible for the project “Nonlinear Control of Loudspeaker Systems“
1994Habilitation an der TU Dresden über „Nichtlineares Übertragungsverhalten elektroakustischer Wandler“Certificate of postdoctoral lecture qualification based on his thesis “The Nonlinear Transfer Characteristic of Electroacoustic Transducers”
1995-1997Entwicklungsingenieur, selbständigR&D Engineer, self-employed
since 1995Zahlreiche Vorträge auf internationalen Konferenzen, und Universitäten,  Schulungs-Seminare bei Firmen und  öffentliche WorkshopsNumerous speeches and lectures at international conferences and universities, training seminars for companies and public workshops
1997Gründung der KLIPPEL GmbH zur Entwicklung und Produktion von Mess- und  Steuerungstechnik für elektroakustische SystemeFormation of KLIPPEL GmbH for the development of novel kinds of control and measurement systems for loudspeakers and other transducers
Since 1997Geschäftsführung und technische Leitung der KLIPPEL GmbHCEO and technical management of KLIPPEL GmbH
1997Fellowship Award der Audio Eng. Society für seine Pionierarbeit in assessing the nonlinear distortions of loudspeakers and their digital compensationFellowship Award of Audio Eng. Society for pioneering work in assessing the nonlinear distortions of loudspeakers and their digital compensation
2007Berufung zum Honorarprofessor für Elektroakustik an der TU DresdenAppointment as honorary professor for electro-acoustic at the Technical University Dresden
Since 2008Gastprofessor der Feng Chia Universität, TaiwanRegular Guest Professor at Feng Chia University, Taiwan
2011Titanium Driver Award von der Internationalen Lautsprecher Vereinigung für die fachliche Beratung The Titanium Driver Award for Technical Contribution from The International Loudspeaker Association
2011Audio Engineering Society: Vortrag zur Heyser Memorial Veranstaltung: “Small, Loud-Speakers: Taking Physics to the Limit”Audio Engineering Society: Distinguished Heyser Memorial Lecturer for the presentation “Small, Loud-Speakers: Taking Physics to the Limit”
Since 2013Gastprofessor der Universität du Maine, Le Mans, FrankreichRegular Guest Professor at Université du Maine, Le Mans, France
2021Ehrung mit dem Peter Barnett Memorial Preis durch die Electroacoustics Group of the Institute of Acoustic, GroßbritannienHonored with the Peter Barnett Memorial Award by the Electroacoustics Group of the Institute of Acoustic, Great Britain
2021Ehrung mit dem IEC 1906 Award durch die International Elecrotechnical Commission Honored with the IEC 1906 Award by the International Elecrotechnical Commission