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Wolfgang Klippel

德累斯顿工业大学 - 德国德累斯顿

Prof. Dr. Ing. habil. Wolfgang Klippel is Honorary Professor for Electro-Acoustics at the Institute of Acoustics and Speech Communication giving lectures in “Active Control of Sound and Vibration” and “Sound Quality of Audio Systems”.

"Sound Quality of Audio Systems" is held as a block seminar (3 day lecture) in English and is open for students from other universities and participants from the audio industry.



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逢甲大学 - 台湾台中

Wolfgang Klippel是台中逢甲大学的客座教授,并定期举行电声学讲座。

Université du Maine(缅因大学)- 法国勒芒市

Wolfgang Klippel定期在法国勒芒市(Le Mans)的缅因大学开设电声硕士学位课程。

传记 – 履历

1977 - 1982Studium Informationstechnik (Dipl. Ing.) an der TU Dresden