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KLIPPEL QC – 100% Quality Control of Transducers, Parts and Audio Systems

KLIPPEL QC – 换能单元、部件和音频系统的100%质控

QC软件版本6.6已发布 新功能介绍
KLIPPEL QC软件满足装配线终端和准备生产试运行的常规测试中的特定要求。它是一个模块化系统, 可实现经济高效的解决方案, 用于测试各种音频设备, 例如换能器(微型扬声器、低音扬声器、高音扬声器)、无源系统(扬声器箱体、耳机)和有源音频系统(扬声器系统、平板电脑、智能手机、汽车)。与R&D系统相反, KLIPPEL QC隐藏了复杂的物理原理, 提供简化的用户界面来呈现制造中所需的必要结果。
即使在嘈杂的生产环境中听不见症状, QC软件不仅能够可靠地检测出有缺陷的部件, 而且还着眼于提高制造过程中良率的最终目标。产线终端测试可提供有价值的诊断信息, 以检测问题的根本原因, 并允许您尽快解决问题。当用自动化QC系统代替产线末端的人工测试时, 操作员需要在诊断站对缺陷单元进行目视检查。这为过程控制提供有用信息, 并反馈给研发工程师进行未来产品的开发。


The KLIPPEL QC solution is a powerful part of the KLIPPEL Analyzer System dedicated to the fast and efficient quality control at the end of the production line, for incoming goods inspection, quality assurance at service stations and other repetitive testing applications. It is a modular system that provides cost-efficient testing solutions for all kinds of audio devices such as speaker parts, transducers (micro-speaker, woofer, tweeter, microphone), passive systems (HiFi speaker, headphones, PA) as well as powered, digital and wireless audio systems (smart speaker, tablet, Bluetooth® enabled headset, car, amplifier). Find out more about the QC Standard package or refer to the Features and Modules on the right. 


Your Benefits with KLIPPEL QC

  • Ensure consistency of production
  • Best performance-cost ratio
  • Process control for maximum yield rate and lean manufacturing
  • More reliable than human ear testing
  • Comprehensive defect detection
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Flexible, modular solution to match your company needs

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