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Versions of the QC Software

The KLIPPEL QC Software is available in different versions to meet the optimal price point and feature set for your particular test application and requirements.

The table below provides a quick overview over the most important differences.
For more information, please refer to particular version’s sites. 


More information about the versions of the QC Software


Video: Introduction to mostly used QC Version (QC Standard)

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 QC标准版    QC基础版    QC远程配置  R&D系统中的QC任务
支持KLPPEL Analyzer
3rd Party Audio Devices Support✔*
Included Test Task Types4414
Unlimited Test Sequences
Statistical Limits
Ambient Noise Detection
Ultra-fast Testing
Add-On Modules Supported
Process Control Features
Wireless & Open Loop Testing


* 不支持自动延迟同步,不支持开环测试。

QC Software Lifecycle

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