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Green Speaker Design Part 1 (绿色扬声器设计: 第一部分)
Green Speaker Design Part 2 (绿色扬声器设计: 第二部分)
Holographic Nearfield Measurement of Loudspeaker Directivity (扬声器方向性的全息近场测量)

Fast and Sensitive End of Line Testing (快速灵敏的产线终端测试)

Maximizing Efficiency in Active Loudspeaker Systems (最大化有源扬声器系统的效率)

Optimal Material Parameter Estimation by Fitting Finite Element Simulations to Loudspeaker Measurements (通过将有限元仿真拟合到扬声器测量来优化材料参数评估)

Challenges of Testing Digital and Wireless Audio Devices (测试数字和无线音频设备的挑战)

Active Vibration Control of Breakup Modes in Loudspeaker Diaphragms (扬声器膜片中分割模式的主动振动控制)

Fast Loudspeaker Measurement in Non-Anechoic Environment (非消声环境中的快速扬声器测量)

Audio System Evaluation with Music Signals (使用音乐信号评估音频系统)
Micro Suspension Part Measurement (微型悬挂系统的测量)
Loudspeaker Nonlinearities - Causes and Symptoms (扬声器非线性 – 原因和症状)
Measurement and Visualization of Cone Vibration (音盆振动的测量和可视化)
Loudspeaker Testing at the Production Line (产线上的扬声器测试)
Large Signal Performance of Tweeters (高音扬声器的大信号性能)
Dynamical Measurement of Suspension Parts (悬挂部件的动态测量)
Objective and Subjective Evaluation of Distortion (失真的客观和主观评估)
Nonlinear Modeling of Heat Transfer (热传递的非线性建模)
Assessing Large Signal Performance of Loudspeakers (评估扬声器的大信号性能)
Assessment of Voice Coil Peak Displacement Xmax (音圈峰值位移Xmax的评估)
Speaker Auralization - Subjective Evaluation of nonlinear Distortion (扬声器可听化 – 非线性失真的主观评估)
Fast and Accurate Linear Parameter Measurement (快速准确的线性参数测量)
Prediction of Speaker Performance at High Amplitudes (预测高幅值下的喇叭性能) 
Distortion Analyzer - A new tool for assessing and improving ... (Distortion Analyzer - 评估和改进电动换能器的新工具)
Diagnosis and Remedy of Nonlinearities (非线性的诊断和补救)
Fast Measurement of Harmonic Distortions (快速测量谐波失真)
Measurement of Equivalent Input Distortion (等效输入失真的测量)
Measurement of Large Signal Parameters (大信号参数的测量)
Measurement of Rub and Buzz (异音的测量)
Visualization and Analysis of Loudspeaker Vibration (扬声器振动的可视化和分析)
Voice Coil Impedance(音圈阻抗)
End-of-Line Testing (产线终端测试)
Active Reduction of Nonlinear Loudspeaker Distortion (主动降低扬声器的非线性失真)
Active Compensation of Transducer Nonlinearities (主动补偿换能器单元的非线性)
Active Electroacoustical Systems (有源电声系统)
Adaptive Nonlinear Control of Loudspeaker Systems (扬声器系统的自适应非线性控制)
Direct Feedback Linearization (直接反馈型线性化)
Distributed Parameter (分布参数)
Nonlinear Adaptive Controller (非线性自适应控制器)
Optimal Design with Nonlinear Control (使用非线性控制优化设计)
Aging of loudspeaker suspension (扬声器悬挂系统的老化)
Dynamical Measurement of Loudspeaker Suspension (扬声器悬挂系统的动态测量)
Dynamical Measurement of Effective Radiation Area SD (有效辐射面积SD的动态测量)
Fast Measurement of Motor and Suspension Nonlinearity (快速测量电机和悬挂系统的非线性)
In-Situ Monitoring of the Audio Quality in Vehicles (车辆音频质量的现场监测)
Loudspeaker Irregular Distortion from Defects (扬声器缺陷的非常规失真)
Loudspeaker Regular Distortion caused by Design (设计引起的扬声器常规失真)
Nonlinear Damping in Micro-Speakers (微型扬声器的非线性阻尼)
Turbulant Air Noise Distortion (湍流空气噪声失真)
Scanning the Magnetic Field (扫描磁场)
Visualization and Analysis of Loudspeaker Vibration (扬声器振动的可视化和分析)
Fast Quality Testing of Loudspeaker Suspension Parts (扬声器悬挂部件的快速质量测试)
Combining Subjective and Objective Assessment of Loudspeaker Distortion (结合扬声器失真的主观和客观评估)
Active Loudspeaker Protection against mechanical and thermal overload (应对机械和热过载的主动扬声器保护)
Loudspeaker Rocking Modes (Part 1_Modeling) (扬声器摇摆模式 (第一部分: 建模))
Loudspeaker Rocking Modes (Part 2_Diagnostics) (扬声器摇摆模式 (第二部分: 诊断))
Why and How to Test Voice Coil Position in Production Line (产线测试音圈位置的原因和方法)
Perceptual and Physical Evaluation of Guitar Speakers (吉他扬声器的感知和物理评估)
Self-Testing of Car Audio System (车辆音频系统的自测试)