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KLIPPEL Endurance Test Hardware Setup

Measurement devices for the KET hardware setup are audio amplifiers from the Powersoft Mezzo or Unica series with included voltage and current sensing and Dante™ network signal streaming. The corresponding Tech Note TN16 lists all hardware components that are mandatory or optional and describes how they can be combined into a Klippel Endurance Test (KET) system.  It will also be used as a hardware selection guide during the ordering process. » For more information, please click on Tech Note TN16.

KET Control Device

The KET control device could be any PC fulfilling the Klippel PC requirements. HW interface requirements for this PC are just a LAN connection. A Dante™ Virtual Soundcard license enables the LAN connection to be an audio streaming network. Using a separate LAN connection exclusively for the Dante streaming is recommended for high operational safety although it is not required.

Supported measurement devices/amplifier

Mezzo Series

The below listed 4-channel amplifiers (MEZZO 604 AD and MEZZO 324 AD) are recommended due to their flexibility and cost-efficiency and the 2-channel amplifiers (MEZZO 602 AD and MEZZO 322 AD) could optionally be used for small setups.

2-Channel Amplifier


The 80W/2-channel Compact Amplifier with DSP and Dante™ is an alternative KET amplifier for 2 channels.


The 150W/2-channel compact amplifier with DSP and Dante™ is an alternative KET amplifier for 2 channels.

4-Channel Amplifier


The 80W/4-channel compact amplifier with DSP and Dante™ is recommended for mini speakers and headphones.


The 150W/4-channel compact amplifier with DSP and Dante™ is recommended for smaller speakers.

UNICA Series

4-Channel Amplifier

UNICA 4L Series

The 4-channel amplifier with DSP and Dante™ in various models is recommended for higher power requirements.

8-Channel Amplifier

UNICA 8M Series

The 8-channel Amplifier with DSP and Dante™ in various models is recommended for medium power requirements.

Connection Panel: KET Patch Bay

For complete out-of-the-box packages, the following optional accessories could be chosen:

  • Exchanging the DUTs quickly at the front side of the rack
  • Using cables with standardized speakON-connectors
    • Klippel Speaker Cables could be used, and alligator clips could be used
    • speakON-extension cables could be used
  • For cost-effective and environmentally friendly setups one speakON-connector at the Patch Bay feeds two DUT channels. The Patch-Bay with its 8 speakON-connectors feeds 16 DUTs
    • Klippel Speaker Cables allow connecting two DUTs which could be separated up to 1 m.
  • The KET Patch-Bay is equipped with COMBICON connectors for easy mounting into a rack and for plug-play connecting of the smart power amplifiers and DUTs