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Application Overview

Loudspeaker Manufacturing

  • woofer, tweeter and other transducers
    enclosures, horns, panel, wave guides
    suspension soft parts (spider, surround)
    cone, diaphragm, membrane

Professional Audio/Public Address

  • pro stage concert equipment (PA on tour, rental equipment)
    large venue systems (front of house, main, monitors)
    sound reinforcement system (SR)
    fixed installation in concert hall, cinema, church, shops, streets
    Long Line PA
    Intercom systems
    PA over IP

Electronic Musical Instrument

  • pickups for guitars (electromechanical transducer)
    Musical Instrument Speakers

Automotive Audio

  • in-car audio system,
    navigation system (GPS)
    power amplifier and digital signal control
    room equalization and sound tuning
    active muffler
    sound shaping
    automotive loudspeakers (OEM, aftermarket)

Home Consumer Audio

  • Active surround sound system, home theatre
    single and multi-room entertainment system
    convenience products, TVs, radios, CD player, amplifier
    Passive loudspeaker systems (Stereo)
    Distributed mode loudspeaker (DML)
    Audiophile speakers (electrostatic loudspeakers, ribbon and planar magnetic transducer, bending wave, Heil air motion transducers, plasma arc speakers )
    In-wall speaker


  • notebooks, laptops, PC, video game consoles
    Head sets (cordless, blue tooth), microphones
    Slim speakers, microspeaker
    active computer speakers (USB), subwoofer

Personal Audio

  • Portable media player (iPod), digital audio players (DAP), MP4 player, Disc man
    head phone, ear phone,
    Photo Camera
    Handheld game consoles


  • wired analog or digital telephone sets
    cellular phone, mobil phones, smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, …) , speakerphones, Personal Digital Assistance (PDA)
    hands-free car phone systems,
    door intercommunication system, conference phones,
    VoIP, PBX
    beeper, summer
    head set, handset
    Transducers, receivers, micro-speakers

Hearing Aids

  • electromagnetic transducers, balanced armature transducers
    Directional microphones,
    Limiters, compressors

Man-machine Audio Interface

  • peripheral devices for speech recognition and speech synthesis
    Emergency warning systems

Active Noise Control

  • transducers (sensors, actuators, exciters, shakers, loudspeakers, accelerometers, piezoelectric and magnetostrictive speakers)
    noise-cancelling headphones
    active vibration control