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KLIPPEL Analyzer 3 (KA3)

The Klippel Analyzer 3 is the hardware platform for the R&D and QC modules that performs the data acquisition and real time processing. It is connected to the Host-PC / dB-Lab via USB 2.0. In standard configuration the hardware hosts a Laser-, Speaker- and XLR-Card, which are all using 24 bit audio format up to 192 kHz. It allows for direct current/voltage measurements on a speaker and has built in power source for BNC and XLR microphones. Due to its modular design, the platform offers great sustainability and flexibility to make it fit best to special and future measurement applications.

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Production Analyzer (PA)

The Production Analyzer (PA) is a sensor and data acquisition platform dedicated to be used with the KLIPPEL QC Software. It comprises a dedicated sensor front-end for speaker measurements and a professional AD/DA converter. The PA is equipped with built-in current and voltage sensors, provides a microphone power supply, symmetrical in- and outputs and digital I/O. It allows performing highly flexible tests on electro-acoustical transducers and audio systems. It is a two-channel system which allows testing two devices in parallel or alternating (two lines) for time-critical applications, such as end-of-line testing.

NOTE: The Production Analyzer hardware is going to be discontinued soon, but it will still be fully supported by the QC Software framework. From QC version 6, the modular KLIPPEL Analyzer 3 is the common hardware platform for the complete KLIPPEL Analyzer System.

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