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Production Analyzer

Hardware for the KLIPPEL QC Software

  • 2 balanced XLR inputs + outputs (100 dB SNR)
  • 2 BNC microphone inputs (100 dB SNR)
  • input preamplifiers controlled in 1dB steps to ensure maximal SNR
  • IEPE power for microphone, accelerometers and others
  • 2 speaker terminals to measure two channels simultaneously
  • Galvanically decoupled current sensor for up to 40 A (15 V rms continuous operation)
  • Voltage sensor up to 200 V (4 wire Kelvin configuration)
  • Interface for temperature and humidity sensor for climate monitoring
  • General purpose digital input and output pins (GPIO)
  • Gain and performance check of external power amplifier

The Production Analyzer (PA) is a sensor and data acquisition platform dedicated to be used with the KLIPPEL QC Software. It comprises a dedicated sensor front-end for speaker measurements and a professional AD/DA converter. The PA is equipped with built-in current and voltage sensors, provides a microphone power supply, symmetrical in- and outputs and digital I/O. It allows performing highly flexible tests on electro-acoustical transducers and audio systems. It is a two-channel system which allows testing two devices in parallel or alternating (two lines) for time-critical applications, such as end-of-line testing.

NOTE: The Production Analyzer hardware is going to be discontinued soon, but it will still be fully supported by the QC Software framework. From QC version 6, the modular KLIPPEL Analyzer 3 is the common hardware platform for the complete KLIPPEL Analyzer System.


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