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KA3 - Klippel Analyzer 3

  • Adaptable, modular hardware concept
  • Wider frequency range (fs ≤ 192 kHz)
  • Excellent sensitivity, SNR and distortion
  • New measurement modules for evolving needs
  • Sturdy, compact hardware at high performance
  • Promotes well-organized cable placement


Trailer: Klippel Analyzer 3

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The Klippel Analyzer 3 is the hardware platform for R&D modules and QC tasks that performs the data acquisition and real time processing. It is connected to the Host-PC / dB-Lab via USB 2.0. In standard configuration the hardware hosts several input and output channels, which are all digitalized in a 24 bit format up to 192 kHz. It allows for direct current/voltage measurements on a speaker and has built in power source for BNC and XLR microphones. Due to its modular design, the platform offers great sustainability and flexibility to make it fit best to special and future measurement applications.

KA3 Features

The KA3 is a modular device, composed of a KA3-Frame and Cards.

The Frame offers six slots for cards to plug in. The cards contain different connectors and processing capabilities to allow for certain data acquisition or software modules.
Using this concept, it is possible to extend the functionality over time and needs as well as simplify repair and / or calibration. 

In the standard version, the KA3 is equipped with a Laser-, Speaker- and XLR-Card. 
Extending or changing the KA3 composition is possible on request only!

The basic KA3-frame is a 19” 2HE unit. It is powered by an external power supply of 24 VDC nominal and is connected to the measurement PC via USB.


Contains 2x SpeakON speaker channels, 1x SpeakON Amplifier input


Unbalanced I/O-Card containing 1x BNC output, two LEMO inputs with 24VDC supply, two BNC inputs with IEPE power


Balanced I/O-Card containing two XLR outputs, two XLR inputs with Phantom power

Amplifier Card1x speakON output, 2x amplifier channel



Dual BNC input + V/I measurement + integrated amplifier + single balanced XLR output

Components included in the KLIPPEL Analyzer 3 package


  • Klippel Analyzer hardware (Laser-, Speaker- and XLR Card)
  • dB-Lab (project management software)
  • 1 High Precision Speaker Cable (true 4-wire)
  • 1 Amplifier Cable
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 power supply with power cable
  • 1 user manual in English language