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Multi-Tone Measurement (MTON)

Features and Benefits

  • Multi-tone fundamental and distortion measurements
  • SPLmax and max. voltage according to IEC 60268-21
  • Continuous maximum SPL related to ANSI/CEA-2010-B and ANSI/CEA-2034
  • Thermal compression
  • Variable measurement and cooling time durations
  • Measurement of wireless, active and passive speakers
  • Get acoustic “Fingerprint”
  • Flexibility on stimulus and threshold setup
  • Protection limits to avoid the DUT destruction
  • Temperature protection

The MTON Multi-tone Measurement is a Klippel R&D module which provides a complete measurement of the device under test (DUT) using a multi-tone stimulus. MTON offers different measurement modes to provide a high flexibility of measurement procedures.

While the Single Measurement mode performs a single multi-tone measurement, the Multiple Measurements mode offers an automatic test sequence to obtain the operation limits of the DUT related to mechanical and thermal compression as well as multi-tone distortion.
This flexibility in the threshold and stimulus configuration allows the MTON module to pinpoint the SPLmax according to IEC 60268-21 [1] as well as the continuous max SPL (ANSI/CEA-2010-B [2] and ANSI/CEA-2034 [3]) among other standard measurements.

Demo Video

Multi-Tone Measurement - MTON & QC MTD

The tutorial shows an overview of the principle of multi-tone measurement and it introduces our sister modules for R&D applications (MTON module) and End-of-Line testing (MTD task). It shows practical demonstrations for typical measurements and that all distortions (HD, IMD, Rub&Buzz) are available by a single measurement.

Video: Demonstration of Multi-Tone Measurement

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Test Objects

  • Any (except Suspension Parts)


Test Hardware





Operation and/or object templates for this module are available when creating a new operation or object in dB-Lab. This provides application specific setups and standard conforms tests.
Please find details on templates in Application Note AN 1001.

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