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Tone Burst Measurement (TBM)

Features and Benefits

  • Maximum short-term SPL (ANSI/CEA)
  • Harmonic distortion versus frequency and amplitude
  • Sinusoidal transient stimulus (cycles, band-width)
  • Complex compensation of sound reflections in non-anechoic environment (room) 

The TBM Module uses a transient sinusoidal burst to measure the peak SPL and harmonic distortion versus frequency and amplitude according to Standards ANSI/CEA-2010, ANSI/CEA-2034 and IEC 60268-21. If the distortion exceeds a user defined threshold, the input amplitude will be not increased to prevent a damage of the device under test. A second state variable (displacement, voltage, current) can be measured simultaneously. Acoustical measurements can be performed in a non-anechoic environment by compensating the room reflections by inverse filtering of the microphone signal.

Test Objects

  • Any (except Suspension Parts)


Test Hardware





Operation and/or object templates for this module are available when creating a new operation or object in dB-Lab. This provides application specific setups and standard conforms tests.
Please find details on templates in Application Note AN 1001.

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