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Distortion Analyzer 2 (discontinued)

  • Two-channel line input (with Phantom or IEPE microphone power supply)

  • Two channel voltage and current measurement for loudspeakers  

  • High performance SNR > 100 dB  

  • Platform for laser sensor heads  

  • Stand-alone operation with display

The Distortion Analyzer 2 is the universal platform dedicated to transducer measurements. It allows high-quality signal acquisition up to 48 kHz at SNR>100dB. Sensors are provided to measure terminal voltage (<240V) and current (<50A) at two speakers. The hardware can be operated as a stand-alone unit or controlled via USB-interface from a PC. Equipped with a laser sensor, the Distortion Analyzer 2 becomes a universal displacement meter. The DA 2 has a built-in microphone power supply for direct connection of phantom or IEPE powered microphones.

Hardware Version for special applications

Displacement Meter

The Distortion Analyzer 2 equipped with a laser displacement sensor gives the full functionality of a laser displacement meter. It provides the analog displacement signal at the output connector at full bandwidth and displays the results of signal statistics selected at the key pad.
The laser displacement meter used as a stand-alone unit is a valuable tool for checking the driver behavior. It is inherently part of the Distortion Analyzer 2 hardware.

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