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QC Stand-alone Software

Stand-alone Software Version of the KLIPPEL QC SYSTEM

This version of the QC System is a software-only package equivalent to QC Standard framework features (see restrictions below). It is dedicated to test applications which do not require the particular features of the KLIPPEL Analyzer hardware. Any 3rd party audio interface (e.g., external soundcard) may be used as a test frontend or even device under test.  

The QC Stand-alone Software version is highly suitable for testing self-powered and digital audio systems (e.g., Bluetooth speaker), mobile testing applications (e.g., installed speaker diagnostics, rental companies, car audio system …) or electronics testing that requires special interfaces.


The following restrictions apply compared to the QC Standard Set:

  • No power amplifier handling (gain calibration and check not supported)
  • No modules are included (in contrast to QC Standard)
  • Most modules and add-ons are supported 
  • KLIPPEL Analyzer cannot be operated
  • It is highly recommended to apply output-input synchronization (e.g., using SYN add-on)

Note: Impedance-based test tasks such as Impedance (IMP) require test frontends with dedicated voltage and current sensing such as professional amplifiers providing an audio streaming interface (e.g., Powersoft Mezzo) that can be accessed via audio-over-IP (e.g., DANTE or AES67) or other interfaces.

Note: The customer is responsible for selection, installation, configuration, calibration and robustness of 3rd party devices. A list of recommended devices is available in QC User Manual. Klippel provides limited support for the listed devices only. Contact KLIPPEL support for more information.

Hardware Requirements

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