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T/S Parameter Laser Fitting (TSX)

Add-on to the IMP Task of the Klippel QC Software

Features and Benefits

  • Full linear T/S parameter identification
  • Based on impedance and laser displacement measurement
  • Extremely fast (< 1 s)
  • Advanced suspension creep model
  • Integrated in QC Impedance Task
  • Applicable from subwoofer to micro-speaker
  • One step test


  • Test full data sheet in production line
  • Check magnetization, voice coil and moving mass
  • Root cause analysis
  • Process control

The TSX is an add-on for Impedance Task (IMP) of the QC software framework that enhances the purely impedance-based lumped parameter fitting of the IMP with state-of-the-art laser displacement measurement. This yields the complete linear transducers parameter set including force factor Bl, moving mass Mms as well as mechanical stiffness Kms and losses Rms for full production supervision, process control and root cause analysis. Based on dedicated stimuli and advanced fitting algorithms including suspension creep, the TSX determines accurate transducer parameters within fractions of a second in one step.



Test Hardware

License Dongle (USB)



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Audio Engineering Society
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