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Multipoint Measurement Tool (MMT)

Features and Benefits

  • Complete parameter set
  • Cope with rocking modes
  • Automatic post-processing
  • Advanced micro-speaker modelling
  • Separation of enclosure and air load
  • Pure mechanical parameters

The MMT module performs the post-processing of the results of multiple LPM measurements to increase the accuracy of the parameter identification. Spatial averaging of the voice coil displacement measured at multiple points on the diaphragm compensates for rocking modes and other irregular vibration. Additional measurements performed in vacuum and in the final enclosure show pure mechanical parameters of the transducer separated from the acoustical elements. An advanced creep model (Ritter) is supported, which models the significant visco-elastic behavior of micro-speakers.


Klippel Analyzer 3

Linear Parameter Measurement (LPM)

Power amplifier
• PC
It is recommended to use coating spray for micro-speakers and tweeters with transparent and shiny diaphragms.


Operation and/or object templates for this module are available when creating a new operation or object in dB-Lab. This provides application specific setups and standard conforms tests.
Please find details on templates in Application Note AN 1001.