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Meta Hearing Technology (MHT)

Add-on to the SPL Task and Optional Module for the KLIPPEL QC Framework

Features and Benefits

  • Improves standard Rub & Buzz analysis
  • Defect detection beyond human hearing
  • Extends analysis bandwidth for defect symptoms
  • Attenuates high-order harmonic distortion
  • Unmask subtle defect symptoms

Some defects in loudspeakers such as loose particles in the gap produce random symptoms, which may be inaudible during end-of-line testing. Other defects such as voice coil rubbing become worse after some time and may be detected when the transducer is mounted in the car audio system or in any other final application. To avoid shipping a defective unit, defects should be detected in manufacturing even if they are inaudible for a human tester.



Test Hardware

License Dongle (USB)




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