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Post-Processing & Statistics

Klippel provides several free tools and add-on modules for data conversion, post-processing and statistical analysis of logged test data:

Additionally, free online statistics features provide simple but powerful means for immediate process control:

db extract

db extract is a free tool for exporting data from proprietary KLIPPEL databases into open and customizable file formats. Filter scripts may be applied to customize the data conversion as post-processing filters. The command line interface of db extract allows automatizing data extraction flexibly (e.g. triggered after a test session or scheduled task).

YST Yield & Single Value Statistics

  • One-click yield calculation
  • Analysis of single values
  • Boxplots, distribution, outliers
  • Automated reports and exports
  • Comes with QC Standard

Yield Statistics (YST) provides an overview of production with one or multiple lines by calculating the yield and single value statistics. Distribution and time course plots further support the statistical diagnostics. The automatic filtering of outliers is beneficial for quickly generating meaningful graphical representations. A clear tabular and graphical summary combined with available filters (date, time, operator, serial number) is the basis for automated statistical reports. The customizable integration into the QC Software allows fast access with only one mouse click. Optional CSV export provides an open interface to 3rd party statistical software.

Online Yield Statistics

  • Immediate overview
  • Overall and individual parameter yield
  • Identify most critical limits and test parameters
  • Simple to interpret
  • Moving time window (opt.)
  • Free feature

The online yield statistic provides a very clear and up-to-date overview on the overall yield as well as the individual verdict statistics for any test result for the running production. An optional moving time window allows identifying short-term yield problems (e.g. one hour).

Control Rules

  • Monitor process stability
  • Detect non-random or abnormormal (out-of-control) conditions
  • Pre-defined control rules
  • Define custom rule sets
  • Free feature

The QC software features optional control rule sets (control charts) to monitor the stability of production process. Comon control rule sets (Nelson/WeCo rules) are available as pre-defined rule sets. Additonally, custom control rules can be defiend based on the verdict history, the time course and statistical values (mean and standard deviation) of single value test results such as fs, Re or voice coil offset.

Post-Processing Task (PP)

  • Combine test results
  • Apply limits
  • Use any measured curve or value of the QC software
  • Derive higher level results
  • Related to PPP Module for R&D System
  • Comes with QC Standard
  • Applications:
    • Stereo mismatch
    • Signal to noise ratio
    • Relative measures (e.g. curve to level)
    • Sound attenuation

The Post Processing (PP) Task is a task (sequence step) of the KLIPPEL QC Software optimized for end-of-line testing. It can access and combine test results of any preceding test step. The resulting curves or single value measures can be checked against limits. This task is designed to be extended to customer needs. The PP Task is free of charge and can be used in QC Standard framework. It is not available in QC Basic version. See specification S55 Post Processing Task for more information.