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Match-Speaker-Tool (MSP)

Optional Modules for the KLIPPEL QC Framework

  • Maximize quality by automatic, optimum pairing
  • Ranking according to grade of matching
  • Cope with production variances
  • Post-processing of QC test results (frequency response, impedance)
  • Find pairs from one or two separate pools (e.g. different variants for left and right)
  • Stand-alone application
  • For high-quality stereo systems and headphones

The Match Speaker Tool automatically selects optimal pairs of tested speakers to form high-quality stereo systems (e.g. for audiometry, high-end). Different pairing algorithms are available in order to find the best matching pairs or the maximal number of pairs. Weighting functions and deviation limits provide a customizable solution to yield the best audio quality from production.


Runs as a stand-alone application using the results produced by KLIPPEL QC Software

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