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What's New in dB-Lab 212.240 - QC 7.2

New: Minor dB-Lab Update

A minor software update is now available for both R&D and QC applications of the KLIPPEL Analyzer System. It is free of charge for any users of dB-Lab major version 212 or QC 7. For more information of the minor update, see our updated version of the What's New briefing sheet - Click here for the  English Version | Chinese Version

Main features of this updates are:

  • Time Frequency Analysis (TFA) - New major revision
    As a dedicated post-processing tool for the analysis of waveforms in time and frequency domain it can import any signal or impulse response generated by the KLIPPEL Analyzer System or imported from wave file. In addition to the spectrogram analysis options based on STFT, wavelet transform or auditory filter banks with superior time resolution, this powerful post-processing tool now provides an interactive band-pass filter and playback function for subjective distortion analysis and diagnostics. Replacing the PLAY module, the TFA can now load very long wave files in order to obtain signal characteristics and pick a time range for detailed analysis. Overall performance and usabil-ity and graphical appearance were improved.


  • 3D Spectrogram Limits (3DL) - Full release
    Now officially released, the QC 3DL, an equivalent of the TFA, dedicated to the particular requirements of QC testing. This add-on for the chirp-based Sound Pressure Task (SPL) of the KLIPPEL QC soft-ware uses the auditory filter bank shared with the TFA to generate a time-frequency plot of the measured DUT’s response. The 3DL applies  automatically generated “3D Limits” to the spectrogram based on golden reference DUTs to reveal the signature of irregular distortion and abnormal sound caused by loudspeaker defects (Rub&Buzz, loose particles, …). Any exceedance of the limit threshold is highlighted clearly in the dedicated result plots. As an addition to the well-established “Rub&Buzz” measurement in time domain (impulsive distortion, IEC 60268-21) providing best sensitivity for even tiniest loose particles, the 3DL provides new benefits such as de-tecting abnormal behavior anywhere in the spectrum, identifying external (uncorrelated) disturbance, detailed defect root cause analysis as well simplified Rub&Buzz filter setting. 3DL now also supports ambient noise de-tection feature and Production Noise Immunity (PNI) add-on.


  • QC Stand-alone Software - Full release 
    This QC Software version is dedicated to all test scenarios where the KLIPPEL Analyzer Hardware is not required or cannot be applied. Together with the External Synchronization (SYN) add-on it is highly suitable for any closed or open loop test scenario using 3rd party hardware (e.g., audio interface) or wave-file-based analysis.
    It only requires PC, laptop or tablet running Windows® and a KLIPPEL USB license dongle. In addition to output-based audio testing according to IEC 60268-21, the QC Stand-alone now also supports all tasks and features of the QC software that are based on voltage and current measurement such as Impedance (IMP) for T/S parameter testing and Motor + Suspension Check (MSC) for patented nonlinear parameter testing (e.g., voice coil offset). This allows creating powerful and yet price-efficient test setups using smart amplifiers with built-in voltage and current sensing such as Powersoft Mezzo series that are capable of streaming sensor signals via DANTE network for professional quality control in cost-sensitive applications (such as rental companies, service stations and many more).


For more information of the minor update, see our updated version of the What's New briefing sheet - Click here for the  English Version | Chinese Version


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