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New Tech Note TN19

Cost-efficient EoL testing with KLIPPEL QC on measurement frontend Echo AIO

KLIPPEL Releases New Tech Note for Operating KLIPPEL QC Stand-alone Software with ECHO Test + Measurement AIO System

Being part of the renowned KLIPPEL Analyzer System, KLIPPEL QC Standard is an industry standard for fast and comprehensive electro-acoustic quality control of transducers, parts, speaker systems, headphones, audio electronics and many more in the lab, production line or service station. The KLIPPEL QC Stand-alone Software makes the unique features of KLIPPEL QC available for price-sensitive applications that do not require the particular features of the KLIPPEL Analyzer 3 such as high-power testing, traceable calibration or laser sensor interface. The software-only version is compatible with any 3rd party sound card and audio interface as well as USB, wireless or virtual audio device (e.g. DANTE Virtual Soundcard™). However, most commercially available audio interfaces are mainly designed for music and speech recording rather than for measurement in a production line environment.


In order to meet the particular demands of cost-efficient end-of-line testing the modular Echo Test + Measurement AIO system was designed as a dedicated, professional audio test interface for low-power passive transducers, headphones and active speakers. Since the AIO provides a USB 2.0 audio class compliant interface, a dedicated ASIO driver, industry grade in- and outputs, it is highly suitable for operation with KLIPPEL QC software. The new KLIPPEL Tech Note 19 provides guidelines for putting the Echo AIO into operation with KLIPPEL QC Stand-alone for a common transducer test scenario as shown in the picture.

TN19 - Operating Echo Test + Measurement AIO for QC Stand-alone Software

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