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LSIM and KCS Pushes Your Loudspeaker into New Dimensions

Loudspeaker Design Process with the simulation module KLIPPEL Linear Simulation (LSIM)

Improving the power-efficiency is one of the major challenges in smart speaker design. Classic loudspeaker design is usually related to finding a good trade-off between quality and efficiency.

Green speaker design brings a change to this paradigm. The new target is to increase loudspeaker efficiency while compensating nonlinear distortion using KLIPPEL Controlled Sound (KCS) - an adaptive, nonlinear loudspeaker control technology providing protection, distortion compensation and performance enhancement during large voice-coil displacements.

For music reproduction, the total efficiency of a loudspeaker is mainly determined by the choice of its linear parameters. KLIPPEL Linear Simulation (LSIM) is the only commercially available software to date which offers the calculation of loudspeaker efficiency while providing results within seconds. This makes it the perfect tool for design sketching highly efficient “green speakers”.

Using KCS and LSIM together push the limit of what is possible in loudspeaker design – small and efficient speakers with maximum bass, great sound and unrivalled consistency.

Want to try LSIM? Contact us and ask for a free LSIM evaluation license.

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