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Improving Loudspeaker Design with Music Signals

Linear Simulation is Useful

Loudspeaker Design Process with the simulation module KLIPPEL Linear Simulation (LSIM)

Maximizing efficiency and minimizing size are major design targets in modern loudspeaker system development. Anyhow, bass reproduction may not be compromised. But how to ensure maximum output without overcharging the loudspeaker?

Simulations are the fastest way to improving loudspeaker design. KLIPPEL Linear Simulation (LSIM) is a novel loudspeaker system design tool for the small signal domain that takes development speed one step further. All you need to do is conveniently import the linear transducer parameters from a KLIPPEL LPM measurement, briefly define the enclosure and specify desired cut-off frequency and target SPL. LSIM will automatically provide the required equalizer transfer function and estimate important state variables (e. g., required input voltage, diaphragm displacement) for different stimulus spectra. Among others, broadband music spectra with desired crest can be evaluated.

This allows for quick design sketching, enabling rapid iterations towards meaningful design choices.  LSIM incorporates a linear loudspeaker model and complements the proven KLIPPEL tools SIM2 and SIM-AUR, which are aimed at simulations of nonlinear effects occurring at higher voice coil excursions. However, for music reproduction, the total efficiency of a loudspeaker is mainly determined by the choice of its linear parameters. LSIM is to date the only commercially available software offering calculation of loudspeaker efficiency and it will provide a result within seconds. This makes it the perfect tool for design sketching of highly efficient “green speakers”. Such can be used with KLIPPEL Controlled Sound (KCS) - an adaptive, nonlinear loudspeaker control technology providing protection, distortion compensation and performance enhancement at large voice-coil displacements. Together KCS and LSIM form a great team, pushing the limit of what is possible in loudspeaker design – small and efficient speakers with maximum bass, great sound and unrivalled consistency.

Want to try it? Contact us and ask for a free LSIM evaluation license.

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