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SCN Near Field Add-On (SCN-NF)

Features and Benefits

  • Acoustic measurement of transducers and small devices in half-space (baffle)
  • Comprehensive near/ far field radiation data
  • Directional characteristics and sound power
  • Sound pressure output for almost any point in 3D half-space
  • Holographic Direct Sound Separation
  • No anechoic room required


The SCN Near Field Add-On (SCN-NF) enhances the measurement capabilities of the Klippel SCN Scanning Vibrometer with automated sound pressure measurements in the near field of transducers and compact audio devices. The radiated direct sound into half-space is determined with high accuracy based on acoustic holographic methods also used in the Klippel NFS Near Field Scanner System. Due to the holographic nearfield measurement approach no anechoic room is required for precise measurements. Most relevant transducer measurements can now be done on one hardware in an average office room. 

Demo Video

Introduction SCN Near Field Add-On (SCN-NF)

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Test Object

  • Transducers and in-wall loudspeakers up to 300 mm diameter
  • Compact loudspeaker systems

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CEA-2034 (ANSI)

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Audio Engineering Society


Germany: 102013000684; US:9,584939B2; China: 2014100795121