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B-Field Scanner (BFS)

Features and Benefits

  • Checking delivered magnets from subcontractors
  • Comparing simulated B-Field geometry with measured sample
  • Analyzing reasons of inaccurate magnets
  • Robust & accurate hall probe
  • Very thin hall sensors (0.65 mm)
  • Flexible sensor can be straightened if bent during measurement
  • Easy to use
  • Fits to a wide range of voice coil gaps
  • Fully supported by KLIPPEL R&D System
  • Dedicated measurement software

The B-Field Scanner is an add-on to the KLIPPEL Scanning Vibrometer (R&D System), or it can also be used separately as a hand held Gauss meter. When used in combination with the dedicated B-Field Scanner software, it provides a fully automated 3D-B-Field Scanner.


The 3D-plot of the Magnetic flux density B(z, phi) over the height Z and angle Phi displays nicely the field distribution and indicates asymmetries.

The B-Field Scanner software controls the automatic data acquisition process and post processes the captured data.

  • Fully automated measurement process
  • User friendly dedicated templates
  • Uses KLIPPEL dB-Lab and Robotics software
  • Dedicated to loudspeaker magnets


  • B(z, phi) - 3D plot of Magnetic Flux Density over voice coil gap height and full cycle
  • B(z) - Magnetic Flux Density over voice coil gap height
  • B(phi) - Magnetic Flux Density variation in percentage over the full cycle
  • Bl(x) - calculated Force Factor over voice coil displacement range
  • Bl(z, phi)- calculated Force Factor variation in percentage over the full cycle in dependence of voice coil position.


Klippel Analyzer 3 (KA3)
• Scanning Vibrometer System

• Robotics software (version 1.63 or higher)
• SciLab (version 5.4 or higher)

B-Field Scanner (BFS):
  Data acquisition & post processing (SCN Vibrometer Set required)
Transfer Function Measurement (TRF):
  Measurement of transfer function and harmonic distortion

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