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Rocking Mode Analysis – Full release

Full Release: RMA

RMA , the module which solves Rub&Buzz problems caused by rocking modes is now full released with the new major software update dB-Lab 212 - QC 7.

Features and Benefits:

  • Improve speaker balance for safe operation at high output levels
  • Find the dominant root cause for rocking
  • Assess imbalances in mass, stiffness or force factor and locate them
  • All important results on a single page
  • New: Improved user assistance with prioritized instructions
  • New: Traffic-light coded severity grading for rocking level

The Rocking Analysis Module (RMA) is released now and has received substantial improvements to guide the user effortlessly from measurement to analysis. A clear indication is given if the device under test has a critical rocking behavior which may result in reduced output, audible distortion (Rub&Buzz) and early failure (field rejects). The actual scanning time for a rocking analysis takes usually less than 10 minutes. This allows testing multiple devices of one batch to isolate systematic behavior from random effects.

New Application Note: 

AN 80 Rocking Mode Analysis on Headphone Transducers

RMA Module Site            RMA Specifiation

A full overview of the new update can be found in the information sheet What's New in dB-Lab 212 and QC 7 - Click here for the English Version | Chinese Version 

Thursday, 2021-07-01 08:00 Age: 33 Days