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New NAU83G60 with KLIPPEL Controlled Sound

Intelligent Smart Amplifier with KCS

Our business partner, Nuvoton, will soon release the new NAU83G60. This stereo 2x30W smart amplifier boasts an integrated low latency Advanced Audio DSP that runs the KLIPPEL Controlled Sound (KCS) nonlinear adaptive speaker control algorithm. KCS provides highly accurate mechanical and thermal speaker protection while the nonlinear control system reduces harmonic and intermodulation distortion generated by speaker nonlinearities. Thanks to active DC compensation, the voice coil can be operated at its ideal rest position for maximum bass output. NAU83G60 voltage and current sensing enables continuous identification of speaker parameters. Hence, parameter variations caused by aging, production variances or climate changes can be compensated.

Traditional linear speaker protection algorithms tend to limit speaker performance at high amplitudes. However, NAU83G60 with KCS truly shines in this regard. Its unique feature set allows speakers to operate safely at their physical limits, enabling increased loudness and deeper bass with higher sound quality for consistent best-in-class performance.

Target Application

  • Automotive & ANC 
  • Notebooks / PC / All-in-One 
  • TV / Soundbar 
  • Wireless / Smart / Active Speakers 

Key Features

Powerful Stereo Class-D Amplifier                    High-Quality Audio  
  • Stereo 30W Output Power @ 4Ω load, < 10% THD+N, 24V
  • Mono 60W Output Power in PBTL mode @ 2Ω load, < 10% THD+N, 24V         
  • 0.05% THD+N @ 8 Ω Load, 1W Output Power
  • Operating Voltage, VBAT: 5V ~ 24V
  • 2 x 15-band PEQs
  • Crossover and Audio Mixer for Ultrasonic Bypass Mode
  • Up/Down Sampling Converter


Battery Limiter Control Audio Data / Control / Clock Interface 
  • Automatic Level Control (ALC) and Under Voltage Lockout Prevention (UVLP) 


  • High Speed I2C mode (up to 1Mbps)
  • I2S / PCM / TDM (up to 8 channels & 192KHz Sampling)
KLIPPEL Controlled Sound (KCS) Algorithm 
  • Overload protection (mechanical and thermal)
  • Linearization (stabilization and speaker distortion compensation)
  • Adaptive speaker alignment
  • Output power and voltage limiter
  • Optimal voice coil rest position
  • Real-time speaker diagnostic data
  • Low latency operation for active noise control
  • Linearized echo cancellation reference signal

Join Nuvoton and discover the product demonstration of NAU83G60 with KLIPPEL Controlled Sound

If you're interested, you can experience the new integrated solution for higher sound quality
during the Embedded World in Nuremberg from April 9 to 11, 2024.

Visit Nuvoton at booth 3A-418 in hall 3A and join the demonstration of the KCS technology with the "NAU83G60 Smart Amp" solution
and applications. Further information about the key features, applications and benefits of active sound applications are available on our website.

Thursday, 2024-03-14 17:52 Age: 35 Days