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KLIPPEL Reassigns the Management Structure

Management Changes at KLIPPEL

Over the past three years, KLIPPEL GmbH has transitioned into top management to ensure a seamless succession plan for the company's future, after being in existence for 25 years. Wolfgang Klippel and Benjamin Barth have co-managed the company and have jointly shared the tasks and responsibilities of the management, since May 2020. In the autumn of 2022, Wolfgang Klippel passed on the whole responsibility for KLIPPEL GmbH to Benjamin Barth. He still works for the company in the field of research and supports the development team in new product developments. This change occurred during the company's 25th anniversary.

I celebrated my 65th birthday in 2022, and it was time to delegate the responsibilities to the younger generation. I’m pleased to have accomplished these critical transfers in the last years together with long-term colleagues, who provide the right social, business and engineering skillset required to steer KLIPPEL GmbH into the future. With these new capacities, my focus on research, education and other projects I have been looking forward to for a long time can be enhanced, as Wolfgang Klippel says.

With significant contributions to the fundamental research of loudspeakers and his habilitation at TU Dresden on "Nonlinear Transfer Behavior of Electroacoustic Transducers," he has propelled electroacoustics and established his scientific accomplishments as the foundation of KLIPPEL GmbH. He was vital in developing novel methods for measuring and analyzing small and large signals, linear and nonlinear parameters, holographic nearfield measurement, and nonlinear adaptive loudspeaker control. Moreover, he has been involved in several standards in this field. KLIPPEL's dominant position in the market is mainly due to its founder's unwavering dedication and exceptional skills. The company sincerely thanks Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klippel for his outstanding achievements and contribution to the company's success. KLIPPEL is also thankful that he will continue to serve the company as a research consultant.

The previous vice president Uta Klippel, stepped down from her duties at her request on July 1, 2023, to pursue new challenges and handed over her responsibilities as an authorized officer to a long-time KLIPPEL GmbH employee Mrs. Anke Schneider de Mena. Uta Klippel played a crucial role in expanding KLIPPEL's presence as a global leader in providing unique test equipment for electro-acoustical transducers and audio systems. Together with her team, Mrs. Klippel built the organization and management structures of the company, controlling sales, finances and administration from the start-up phase until today. KLIPPEL sincerely thanks Uta Klippel for her unwavering dedication to the company. KLIPPEL is pleased that she remains associated with the company as a chairman of the newly founded charitable KLIPPEL Foundation (KLIPPEL Stiftung).

New Management Comes From Within the Company

The reassignment of the management structure goes hand in hand with a realignment of the organizational structure and is intended to give new impetus to KLIPPEL's successful strategy for the future.

New General Manager
Benjamin Barth joined KLIPPEL’s management board in May 2020 and was appointed as the sole General Manager of KLIPPEL GmbH in October 2022. He has been part of KLIPPEL since June 2013, starting as a Quality Manager and later managing R&D projects in 2015. Three years later, in addition to his previous functions, he assumed responsibility for all business processes and supported the former managing board in their duties.

I am proud to announce that KLIPPEL's management board has successfully undergone a generation transition. I am grateful to Wolfgang and Uta Klippel for having faith in me and the entire KLIPPEL team. The technical management for our two product groups (measurement & control technology) has also been smoothly handed over to two highly experienced engineers, Dr. Stefan Irrgang and Joachim Schlechter, and I have complete confidence in their ability to ensure seamless product development for KLIPPEL, says KLIPPEL’s General Manager Benjamin Barth.

New Head of Product Group - KLIPPEL Analyzer System (R&D and QC)
KLIPPEL’s highly experienced employee Dr. Stefan Irrgang will be taking on the technical management role and will be responsible for leading the development of the KLIPPEL Analyzer System, which is used for R&D applications and End-of-Line Testing. Mr. Irrgang studied electrical engineering at the University of Technology in Dresden, Germany, where he also obtained his Ph.D. in Technical Acoustics and is a true expert in his field. Stefan Irrgang has been an essential member of the KLIPPEL team since 1998 and played a vital role in the company's growth and success under the leadership of Wolfgang Klippel. KLIPPEL is confident that Dr. Stefan Irrgang will continue to drive innovation and excellence in the R&D and QC System processes.

News Head of Product Group - KLIPPEL Controlled Sound (KCS)
Joachim Schlechter will take over the other part of the technical management for the product group KLIPPEL Controlled Sound Technology. He studied computer and media science at the University of Technology in Dresden, Germany, focusing on acoustics and signal processing and attended a master’s program for sound and vibration at the CHALMERS Technical University in Gothenburg, Sweden. After graduating with his Diploma degree in computer science in 2006, he joined Klippel GmbH, where he is engaged in the research and development of loudspeaker control and measurement systems. KLIPPEL is optimistic that Joachim Schlechter and his team will continue to drive innovation and excellence in the KLIPPEL Controlled Sound Technology processes and is excited to establish KCS Technology in the audio market.

New Authorized Officer
Mrs. Anke Schneider de Mena accepted the position as an authorized officer on July 1, 2023. Besides her role as Head of Sales, she took over the responsibility as an Assistant Manager from Uta Klippel. Anke Schneider de Mena has been a part of the company since January 2011 and is responsible for the Sales department since January 2015. Mrs. Schneider de Mena studied economics at the Technical University in Dresden and completed a master's course in business administration at City University Seattle. She has gained experience in technical sales across various industries. In her further area of responsibility, she will coordinate the distribution partnership network and logistics.

Mrs. Anke Schneider de Mena has relevant experience in the field of our customers, suppliers and worldwide distributors and has experience in sales planning and business controlling. For more than 12 years, I have worked with Anke in a very trustworthy way. I appreciate her a lot for her trustworthiness, diligence and her knowledge and skills. I'm pleased to have handed over my duties and responsibilities to such an experienced colleague, says former Vice President Uta Klippel.

KLIPPEL prepares itself for future challenges with energy and innovative strength by filling these important managing positions with qualified employees.

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