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Linear Simulation - Full release

Full Release: LSIM

LSIM, the module for linear signal modelling from digital input to acoustical output is now full released
with the new major software update dB-Lab 212 - QC 7.


What's New in dB-Lab: LSIM Product Demo


The well-known non-linear simulation modules SIM  and SIM-AUR received a corresponding tool for linear simulation (LSIM). In contrast to many available tools, the LSIM targets the overall design for green speakers (efficient, light weight, small). Maximum peak voltage, voltage sensitivity and efficiency for a given program material can be tuned easily to application requirements. Automatic EQ-tuning is available and with just one click, the effects on peak displacement and spectral properties of the response are predicted. A full set of all relevant states is analyzed and the corresponding transfer behavior is plotted.

LSIM Module Site            LSIM Specifiation

Features and Benefits:

  • Lumped parameters modeling
  • Analyzing electrical, mechanical, acoustical state spectra and transfer behavior
  • Automatic equalization to target alignments
  • Small signal performance considering properties of typical program material
  • Efficiency and voltage sensitivity versus frequency
  • Calculates parameters from geometrical input
  • New: Post-filter simulating room response
  • New: Phase and group delay

LSIM is optimized to work with the Klippel Controlled Sound (KCS) solution. A simple user interface, interactive networks and enclosure configuration, as well as geometry-based parameter input, help considerably when starting to work with the module.

A full overview of the new update can be found in the information sheet What's New in dB-Lab 212 and QC 7 - Click here for the English Version | Chinese Version 


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