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High End Munich

Pure Acourat Sound Project at the High End | Technical Presentation by KLIPPEL

Last year the team of the Pure Acourate Sound Project visit KLIPPEL and measured their prototype of a digital-enabled active loudspeaker on our Near Field Scanner “Carousel”. As a project partner of the "Pure Acourat Sound", we supported the project team with a measurement service to optimate the prototype. Our support and development engineer Ruben Hauschild had an interesting day with them and was exciting to get insights into new ideas and the development of an ultra-low distortion sound without bass boom.

Now you have the chance to experience the demo speaker with ultra-low distortion in room sound reproduction during the  High End Munich (May 9-12, 2024) in hall 3 at booth K05.

More information about the Pure Acourat Sound and the further project partners is on the website ➥


Presentation at the Technology Forum during the High End 

Our development engineer Ellis Blackford will be holding a presentation about the Requirements and Evaluation of Smart Amplifiers in Modern Audio Systems at the Technology Forum during the High End Munich (May 9-12, 2024). 

Requirements and Evaluation of Smart Amplifiers in Modern Audio Systems
by Ellis Blackford  |  Friday, May 10, 2024 at 11:00 am  |  Press Center in Atrium 2

Abstract: Recent developments in embedded technologies have enabled the proliferation of smart audio amplifiers featuring real-time output stage monitoring and powerful digital signal processors. These facilitate the implementation of novel active loudspeaker control and protection technologies. This presentation discusses the evaluation and requirements of such amplifiers with regards to a planned IEC standard proposal.


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