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AES Fall Online 2021

Audio Engineering Convention

October 2021 is now "AUDIO ENGINEERING MONTH" to celebrate the Audio Engineering Society's Convention

AES Fall Online 2021 – Streamcast – October 20-23, 2021

Our workshop “Loudspeaker Work-Bench Measurements” by Simon Steiner and Wolfgang Klippel will be available on the AES Fall Online 2021 event.
The streamcast will take place from October 20th-23rd, 2021!

Transducers are usually clamped in a relatively large baffle and measured under anechoic conditions to approximate perfect acoustical half-space conditions. A new acoustical near field method is presented that uses an extremely small ROUND baffle at least 10 cm around the transducer and can be operated in a normal office, workshop, or any other environment. Holographic post-processing removes the acoustical short-cut and baffle reflections and suppresses room modes and gives accurate data in the near and far-field. Exploiting the symmetry of the transducer reduces the measurement time to 5 minutes while providing full directivity information. The near field scanner is a small add-on to the KLIPPEL laser vibrometer using the same robotics. This seminar discusses important electrical, mechanical, and acoustical measurement performed on the SCN work-bench according to IEC 60268-21 and 22. ➥ Sign up to save this to your schedule and view media!

Click here for the streamcast program!

White Paper: In-car Acoustic Measurement by Jayant Datta, Steve Temme, Hans Lahti and Stefan Irrgang

If you’re interested on the work of the AES Technical Committee on Automotive Audio please watch the discussion about the white paper of "In-car Acoustic Measurements".

There is a need for alignment between OEMs and Tier1 suppliers for robust and repeatable acoustic measurement methods, data and analysis formats. Hence, a working group has undertaken the task of creating a white paper focused on in-car acoustic measurements, where the measurement stimuli, conditions, and computations would be established.

This will be a living document that will evolve; and could lead to standards down the road. At the outset, the group has decided on three measurements: Frequency Response, Max SPL, and Impulsive Distortion (squeak and rattle).

This will be in the form of a panel discussion with five parts to it (listed below) – the purpose is to inform the AES community about this effort, provide an update, and solicit feedback.


  • Frequency Response specifics
  • Max SPL specifics
  • Impulsive Distortion specifics
  • Solicit feedback via Live Q&A

Click here for the streamcast program!

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