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What's New in dB-Lab 212.534 - QC 7.4

New: Minor dB-Lab Update

A new minor software update is now available for both R&D and QC applications of the KLIPPEL Analyzer System with two new pre-release modules and a new Online Help System. The update is free of charge for all users running dB-Lab 212 or QC7. For more information of the minor update, see our updated version of the What's New briefing sheet - Click here for the English Version or Chinese Version

Klippel Endurance Test (KET) - Pre-Release

The Winter 2023 KLIPPEL Software Update features a completely new approach to long-term testing. Klippel Endurance Testing (KET): An easy-to-use, multi-channel, long-term, power and accelerated life test solution for typical quality assurance (QA) applications such as validation checks or type approvals. Relying on commercial smart amplifier hardware, KET can easily be scaled cost-efficiently up to 64 channels per control PC. Choose between various test signals flexibly either using predefined stimuli or custom wave files, along with optional level stepping and cycling. Each device under test (DUT) is monitored individually. Failures are automatically detected through user-defined limits. Open and short circuits are detected by general limits. A “Death Report” reveals details of the monitored states at the highest available update rate for the time interval just before the detected failure.

The solution is Windows®-PC based and includes one or multiple power amplifiers as well as control and analysis software. A simple interface allows to connect external sensors and control peripheral devices such as heating chambers. 32 DUTs can be measured using one PC and a virtual soundcard. Up to max. 64 channels (depends on PC performance and Dante® interface) is possible. For each device under test, the test procedure can be started, paused, and terminated, independently. Each DUT can have an individual test sequence and configuration. A dashboard visualizes the current test status of all DUTs locally. Within the network this information is available also via a web browser remotely.

New Online Help System / Manuals for R&D and QC
The KLIPPEL measurement software dB-Lab received a new browser-based Help System. By using online manuals, the latest information can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Crosslinking and links to our website were added to provide comprehensive help and knowledge resources. Servers are located in  Europe and China for fast access and availability. Local offline help is still available to provide the manuals for PCs without internet access.

Nonlinear Residual Analyzer (NRL) - Pre-Release

The Nonlinear Residual Analyzer (NRL) is a tool dedicated to measuring any audio playback device with arbitrary signals such as music or speech. The NRL analyzes the transfer function between system input and output based on adaptive identification. This can be used to monitor the long-term behavior as well as variations of loudspeaker systems. Applications include the investigation of heating effects, the drift of transfer function, and durability tests.

NRL can predict the linear (ideal) output of a loudspeaker system and separate a residual signal that contains all nonlinear distortion of the DUT as well as additional noise and irregular disturbances. Those artefacts can be scaled and mixed with the linear signal to provide meaningful program material for listening tests and to explore intuitively how different nonlinear effects influence the sound quality.


For more information of the minor update, see our updated version of the What's New briefing sheet - Click here for the English Version | Chinese Version

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