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Web Seminar - KLIPPEL Controlled Sound (KCS)

Join us for our next web seminars with our distributor SOMA Acoustic!

This series of 3 webinars will introduce our innovative nonlinear loudspeaker controller Klippel Controlled Sound (KCS), with hands-on-demos showing how to evaluate active speaker system with it. Subsequent sessions of this webinar series will use this knowledge to demonstrate. 

  • How KCS can improve the audio system?
  • How to integrate KCS in new products?
  • How to create maximum end-user value? 

General Information 
The Webinar SessionsWebinar 1: The Transducer – The Weakest Component in Audio Devices
Friday, 26th March 2021 at 4:00 pm (China Standard Time) | 9:00 am (Central European Time)
  • Linear behavior at small amplitudes (modeling, parameters)
  • Time-varying behavior (heating, aging, climate and load influence, production variances)
  • Regular nonlinearities and distortion modeling
  • Irregular behavior (Rub&Buzz) and symptoms (impulsive distortion)
  • Hands-on demos
Webinar 2: New Opportunities Provided by KCS 
Wednesday, 31st March 2021 at 4:00 pm (China Standard Time) | 10:00 am (Central European Time)
  • Distortion cancellation and stabilization
  • Mechanical and thermal protection
  • Alignment of the linearized overall system
  • Benefits of nonlinear adaptive control
  • Initial Identification of Nonlinear Speaker Parameters
  • Hands-on demos - using KCS
Webinar 3: KCS Integration and Maximizing End-User Value
Friday, 09th April 2021 at 4:00 pm (China Standard Time) | 10:00 am (Central European Time)
  • Introducing Nuvoton smart amplifier with integrated KCS (presenter: Jin Kim, Nuvoton)
  • Improve efficiency and voltage sensitivity to achieve more SPL (Green speaker design)
  • Evaluate Active Speaker Systems with KCS (Distortion Compensation, Rub&Buzz, Protection System)
  • Hands-on demos –KCS evaluation and listening

Registration     Invitation 

Friday, 2021-03-05 14:17 Age: 3 Years