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Practical Test & Measurement: Mastering Wireless Multi-Tone Testing

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Are you interested in measuring a wireless audio device but struggle with the practical implementation? Or are you interested in multi-tone testing in general?

Our engineer Andrew Taylor wrote an article about how to overcome the obstacles of wireless multi-tone testing. The article (originally published in audioXpress, December 2020) focuses on the needs of manufacturers and designers of modern wireless audio devices and offers valuable insights into multi-tone testing.

Standard audio testing is dominated by classic sine wave stimuli such as stepped-sine, chirp, and two-tone measurements. While there is always a place for these measurements, multi-tone testing has many advantages, and while not new, it could be considered overlooked or underutilized. Nowadays, more and more audio devices include a wireless connection…

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Monday, 2021-03-01 09:49 Age: 3 Years