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AN82 Optimizing Transducer Design for KLIPPEL Controlled Sound

New Application Note AN82

KLIPPEL Controlled Sound (KCS) is an adaptive nonlinear control software providing distortion reduction, voice coil stabilization, automatic alignment and protection from mechanical and thermal overload to loudspeakers, headphones, and other actuators. These software features give new opportunities in the design of the passive components (e.g., transducer, enclosure) for increasing efficiency and voltage sensitivity, which is the key for getting more acoustical output at higher quality from smaller speakers (Green Speaker Design).

The new application note AN82 Optimizing Transducer Design for KLIPPEL Controlled Sound discusses not only new ways to overcome physical limitations in traditional speaker design but also addresses other critical hardware problems (Rub&Buzz, endurance, fatigue) that cannot be fixed by digital signal processing, but have to be solved by hardware design and process control in manufacturing.

The application note explains KCS benefits, opportunities and limitations along with practical design rules and tools. Learn how to

  • Generate more SPL at higher audio quality
  • Reduce system size, weight and cost
  • Improve product endurance and reliability
  • Exploit opportunities of nonlinear transducer design
  • Increase efficiency and voltage sensitivity
  • Cope with Rub&Buzz and loudspeaker defects

Please contact our support team (kcs-support(at)klippel(dot)de) for more information.

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