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AES Show Fall 2020 - Audio Engineering Convention

October 2020 is now "AUDIO ENGINEERING MONTH" to celebrate the Audio Engineering Society's 149th Convention going online, with events spanning the entire month. Enjoy a huge line-up of events and register now to take advantage of every activity and event, such as TechTours - 7 Wonders of the Audio World, AES SHOWCASE, InstallTours, ProductLaunch, AES STUDENT WEEK, Keynotes and culminating in the world renowned AES Tech Program - with live and on-demand content. 


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Our WorkshopTitle: Digital-Electro-Mechano-Acoustical Transducers by Gregor Höhne  Keywords: Active transducer for Loudspeaker and Headphones, Digital Signal processing, Optimal Transducer Design

Abstract: Developments like ongoing miniaturization and increased availability of DSP processing power are allowing software algorithms to take over more and more tasks in loudspeaker systems that were traditionally solved by classic transducer and amplifier design. This can include compensation for significant distortion and undesired effects due to ageing and production variance as well as avoiding mechanical and thermal overload and amplifier clipping.
With measured transducer and amplifier state variables and advanced modeling, the software achieves a sufficiently linear, time-invariant and thus predictable transfer function. This effectively merges the amplifier, software and transducer together to a single module, needing only a digital input signal and a power supply for operation and generating acoustical output. 
The tutorial gives an overview of the principles of such systems like adaptive nonlinear control and overload protection but focuses on the practical impacts for transducer and amplifier design. Another focus is the consequences on applications like the design of small portable speakers and on the interaction with other techniques like acoustic echo cancellation and beam forming. 

On-demand material:
  • will become available starting on Mon, 26 Oct 2020
  • will only be available to registered attendees during AES Fall Show
  • will become available to all AES members after the show for about one month 

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