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  • Required for testing of multi-channel systems
  • Simplifies cabling and routing
  • Intuitive manual control
  • Easy integration in automatic tests
  • 8 channels <> 2 busses
  • BNC version for microphones
  • XLR version for line level signals
  • SPEAKON version for high power 
  • 15 A max. switch current
  • IEPE microphone supply
  • Multiple routing options
  • Control by USB & Parallel Port 
  • Klippel-GPIO for Production Analyzer
  • dB-Lab templates for R&D and QC System

For testing multi-channel systems, a Multiplexer can help to simplify cabling and routing. The KLIPPEL Multiplexer hardware can be directly controlled by the QC SYSTEM. For R&D and all other applications, the routing can be controlled using dB-Lab software or by a USB or parallel port interface software, provided by KLIPPEL. This software can be controlled by the command line of automated applications. KLIPPEL offers very flexible Multiplexer hardware with up to 8 channels. Different routing modes are available to use the Multiplexer for selecting one or more input channels from 8 resources or distribute one or two sources to up to 8 receivers. Several hardware versions with different connectors and electrical parameters are available. Different control ports offer the flexible usage in a lot of applications. The Multiplexer can be controlled manually and by software. 



MIC Version: MUX81-42-BNC

  • Asymmetrical BNC input and output connectors
  • IEPE supply separately switchable for input 1-4 and input 5-8
  • All BNC GNDs are common if IEPE is selected
  • BNC GNDs can be separated by internal jumpers for multiplexing signals with DC offset
  • Can be used bi-directional: Select 1 or 2 out of 8 inputs or distribute 1 or 2 signals to up to 8 receivers

LINE-IN Version: MUX81-42-XLR-IN

  • 8 balanced female XLR input connectors
  • 2 balanced male XLR output connectors
  • All pins are switched (permanent GND connection available as option)

LINE-OUT Version: MUX81-42-XLR-OUT

  • 2 balanced female XLR input connectors
  • 8 balanced male XLR output connectors
  • All pins are switched (permanent GND connection available as option)


  • 4-pole SPEAKON input and output connectors
  • All 4 poles (1+, 1-, 2+, 2-) are switched