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Artificial Ears & Mouths - Simulators

Acoustical headphone and headset testing requires dedicated simulators according to different standards. Following selection gives an overview on different kinds of simulators which are compatible to the Klippel RnD – and QC – Measurement System.

These sets are all equipped with IEPE standard conform constant current supply (CCP) mic preamplifiers, which could directly be connected to the Klippel measurement devices. All sets are complete with cables and accessories, ready to use with Klippel measurement devices. Hints are given for selecting a certain simulator for different applications. Other versions e.g. with 200V polarized microphones or other options are on request. 


International Electrotechnical Commission
IEC 60318, IEC 60711, IEC 60959

International Telecommunication Union
ITU-R Recommendation 51, ITU-R Recommendation 57, ITU-T P.581